Neha Pendse – talent unlimited

Neha Pedse
Neha Pendse came into limelight especially after her appearance in TV serial ‘Bhagyalakshmi’ in which she plays the title role; but she became more popular among Marathi audience with her dancing skills through Zee Marathi’s favourite programme ‘Ekapeksha Ek- Apsara Aali’. Not many were aware about her entry into Marathi films through ‘Agnidivya’ for which she received a state award and the recently released film ‘Karuya Udyachi Baat’ which won Green award from USA….




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2 responses to “Neha Pendse – talent unlimited

  1. ravindra

    recently Neha’s parents were seen at finale of Apsaraa Aali on 1 May. Perhaps younger sister was also present. On d stage Neha said that her father generally does not attend her functions. Just now I read abt her awards. Very few people may b knowing that. It seems that whole family is averse to media publicity. Even then since Bhyagyalaxmi Neha is shining on Marathi stage

  2. critic

    neha has eye-catching features.She is good in acting,dance. But, i think she is looking to all these things as career. d need is more. She should take these things as her devotion,fascination. Then, i am sure that SHE WILL RULE D INDIAN SCREEN

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