Larger than life ‘Balgandharva’ – Movie Review

Larger than life ‘Balgandharva’
Balgandharva, Subodh Bhave
Some films are to be seen, some to be enjoyed, but very few films are to be sensed. Nitin Chandrakant Desai’s Biopic on ‘Balgandharva’ is one such masterpiece which is not only a tribute to the legend but is also an experience to peep into the life of the dedicated artiste of yesteryears. At a time when India was under British rule, sometime in early 19th century no females performed on stage. It was during this period that a talented artiste who was groomed since his childhood by Kirloskar Drama Group, played the roles of females and even entertained the theatre audience with his classical songs in gifted voice. Musical plays were very popular those days and the popularity of actor Narayanrao Rajhans took him to the top….


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