Salil Kulkarni to present ‘Madhali Sutti’ on Zee Marathi

‘Madhali Sutti’ is a show designed by Zee Marathi to touch the hearts of everyone who once went to school – teenagers, youngsters, the elderly as they travel down the memory lane. Participants in this show will be children from 3rd- 7th grade engaged in heartwarming and hilarious conversation with their favorite host Saleel Kulkarni.

In this programme, Saleel Kulkarni will sing some melodious numbers with the children in their favorite setting…playground, school, canteen, etc. He will engage in a conversation with the kids as they open up and share some amusing stories about their family or mimic someone or talk about their favorite or disliked things. And the time chosen for the same will be the ‘Madhali Sutti’ – the so called major break in the school.
Salil Kulkarni
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