Samrruddhi Porey to make a film on Dr. Amte

Advocate Samrruddhi Porey, who made a national award winning Marathi film ‘Mala Aai Vhaychay’ on her debut, is now all set to make her next film on the life of Dr. Prakash Amte, renowned social worker in Maharashtra.

Ms. Porey, who has seen the work of Dr. Prakash Amte and his wife Manda closely in the jungles of Hemalkasa, is inspired to make a film on the life of this couple. She wants to make a world class film, so that the work done by the couple, be known to people across the globe. The film’s screenplay is being written in three languages, i.e. Marathi, Hindi and English, which clearly indicates that it is going to be a big project.

The part of the film will also be shot in USA with the help of Mr. Ashish Chougule, President of BMM. The cast of the film will be finalized shortly.
Samrruddhi Porey
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