Ram Kondilkar honoured with best Publicist award

Marathi Chitrapat Parivaar, a Governing body of Pune Journalists recently honoured Ram Kondilkar with the best Film Publicist award for his excellent publicity work for the Marathi film ‘Superstar’. Incidentally, Ram has also done the publicity of National award winning film ‘Deool’. In the recent past, he was also associated with some prominent award winning films like ‘Taryanche Bait’ , ‘Jogwa’, ‘Vihir’, ‘Valu’, ‘Saat Chya Aat Gharaat’, ‘Sawarkhed Ek Gaon’, ‘Pandhra’, ‘Gabhricha Paus’, ‘Sanai Choughude’, ‘Not Only Mrs. Raut’ and many other popular films.

The award was presented to him in Pune, at the National Film Archieves Auditorium by Script writer Sanjay Pawar. After receiving the award, Mr. Kondilkar attributed his success to his journalist friends, for their support. “It is because of their love and cordial relationship, I am able to carry out this work,” he said. Even otherwise, Ram has been very popular among Mumbai scribes, for the kind of personal attention he gives to each one of them. He is selective about the films and pays more attention on each and every aspect of the film, in its publicity; which in turn benefits the producer to reach out to maximum people. Ram Kondilkar click here to read more


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